• Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
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Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  • Sweat Proof Design
  • Non-Slip Adheres Firmly to your Head
  • Earbuds Fit Comfortably in your Ears
  • Longer Calling Time and Standby Time
  • High Quality and Durable Build
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  • Highlights
  • SPORTY AND SWEAT-PROOF DESIGN – Our Bluetooth headset speaker is designed to embrace your head snugly and perfectly such that the headset doesn’t slip during exercising, running, yoga or any other workout, while at the same time it remains comfortable too. Moreover, this rugged design is sweat-proof, so push your limits, sweat it out, and free yourself of all worries as no amount of sweat would damage your headphones.

Do you often need to adjust your headset during running or exercising, in order to prevent it from falling or slipping?

Do you indulge in intensive physical activities which result in heavy sweat that has the potential to damage your headset?

Well, not anymore! We bring to you an incredible headset that allows you to perform without worrying about trivial stuff and without causing any distraction. Some of the many incredible features and benefits of our headset are:

  • Sweat-proof design – bet you can’t sweat enough to damage this headset
  • Non-Slip – adheres firmly to your head without putting excessive pressure
  • No slippage means no distraction – lets you focus completely on your performance
  • Earbuds that fit comfortably in your ears without causing any pain
  • High quality stereo sound to get you running on the beats
  • Clear speech quality with negligible noise
  • High performance rechargeable battery that is sure to last longer than your workouts
  • Sufficiently longer calling time and standby time
  • Durable build – easily survives your everyday workout and stays with you for longer
  • Quickly gets fully charged


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.


This also makes for a valuable gift for any sports enthusiast or a friend who likes to go out for running, workouts or Yoga sessions.

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