• 12 Color Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player
  • 12 Color Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player
  • 12 Color Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player
  • 12 Color Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player
  • 12 Color Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player
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12 Color Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player

  • Ideal For Kids & Adults
  • 8 Brightness Modes with Multi-color Options
  • 12 Led, Blue, Red, Green, Multicolor
  • MP3 iPhone Speaker LED Night Light
  • Ambience Perfect for Relaxing, Sleeping or Decor
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  • Highlights

OCEAN WAVE NIGHT LIGHT – This ocean wave night light projector with built-in mini speaker helps appease your senses, relaxes you and pleases you until you have fallen asleep. Whether you are a teenager or a parent, this night light with music is definitely a blessing for you. Not only does it work as a night light but can be used to create a romantic ambience or just to get a feel of ocean at home.

MULTIPURPOSE – Transform your space with our Night light projector which comes with built-in music support. May it be for impressing someone with sea shore like ambience, decorating your living room for house party or just to help your little one get a soothing sleep. Simply switch it ON and let the magical spell being – you can choose single color or multicolor undulating waves and soft background music. These lights are not harsh on your eyes and let you get back to sleep easily.


SMART DESIGN – Imagine you are switching on a light to help yourselves sleep but you want it to switch it off once you are asleep. This smartly designed ocean wave night light gets automatically switched off after an hour and lets you sleep without any worry – energy efficient design helps keep a keep a check on your utility bills. Moreover, you can choose from 8 different brightness modes, and also play music using your phone, computer or mp3 player.


SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH POWER SUPPLY CHOICES  – The night light projector with music is created to make your life easy. This light is built to provide you soothing, relaxing and comforting environment, and to help you unwind and relax at the end of a tiring day. The light comes with dual power supply options, battery and USB power, offering you  greater flexibility and mobility.


100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We also offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are sure that you will love your nights and sleep better with our ocean wave night light projector. This is a must  for people/kids who find it difficult to sleep at night and want something visually appealing and enchanting before they get asleep.


Are you afraid of the darkness that follows after you switch off the lights, in fact it never help sleep rather keeps you awake for longer?

Having trouble putting your babies and little ones to sleep?


Well, our Night light Projector with music can do wonders to your sleep and chase away your fear of darkness, and also do magic for your child who needs an extra help sleeping at bed time:


Even If you are looking for a restful, relaxing and peaceful sleep, you should definitely take the advantage of the easy access of our Night light projector with music. Some of the Incredible benefits are:


  • Visually appealing night light that projects ocean waves on your ceiling and creates an ambience suitable for a good night’s sleep
  • Can also be used to create romantic or relaxing ambience and even as a means of décor for your living room
  • Comes with 8 brightness modes and multiple color options
  • Easy and automatic shut down after an hour
  • Also plays music in the background with undulating colourful ocean waves
  • Has a built in speaker, which can be used with a phone, MP3 or a computer
  • Stable design and easy to use controls
  • Wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • Includes energy efficient led bulbs


With a wide range of amazing benefits enjoy a much better, undisturbed and longer sleep.



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