• Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights
  • Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights
  • Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights
  • Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights
  • Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights
  • Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights
  • Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights
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Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights

  • Create Vibrant & Dynamic Ambiance
  • Includes a Remote
  • Single or Multiple Color Mode
  • Ocean Light, Flash/Strobe, & Music Mode
  • Portable & Lightweight
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  • Highlights

DYNAMIC & VIBRANT PARTIES – Spice up your parties by making them more colourful and vibrant with the help of our Party Projector Light! Throwing a Pro-like party was never easier. Be it a pool party, backyard party, disco hall, birthday, anniversary, get togethers, BBQs or your living room – add a magical charm to the ambience and get your guests easily impressed.

OCEAN WAVES OR DANCING FLASH LIGHTS – Our light projector can not only project ocean wave light in multiple colors but also dance to the tunes of music or operate in flash/strobe mode. Depending on whether you want a romantic ambience or a disco floor you can choose the relevant mode and make the party a success. You also have multiple speed options to match with the tempo of the crowd.

MULTIPLE COLOR MODES – This light projector can project light in 7 different colors – you can easily choose whether you want single color at a time or multiple colors. This is useful especially when you want to go with a particular color to align with the planned theme or when you want to set specific color to suit your mood. However, there would be times when you would want it to be all colourful and thus multi-color mode becomes handy.

PORTABLE & EASY TO CONTROL – The sensitivity remote that comes with free with this Portable Projector Light makes it easy to switch between different modes and makes it more convenient to use – lets you be a part of the party and yet control it effectively. Moreover, it has simple plug and play operation for added ease of use and has a lifespan of 10000 hours. Can be used even for outdoor parties – can light up to 16 feet of area.


Are you someone who often throws parties but are actually running out of ideas to make them more impressive but of course without spending too much money?

Are you looking for a reusable party supply that can add vibrancy to any kind of party and gives you the power to create different kinds of ambiences as per specific party needs?

Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many amazing features and benefits:


- Ideal Party Decor for any occasion – be it Christmas, Halloween, small get together, Birthday, Anniversary or New year
- Easily create Vibrant and Dynamic ambience and, if needed, transform it into a more soothing and romantic one 
- Capable of projecting 7 different color ocean wave lights with different motions speeds
- Easy to switch between single color mode or multiple color mode (red, green, blue, purple, red/green, blue/green, or all the colors together)
- Flash or Strobe mode ideal as Disco Light – lights can dance on music beats in the music mode - easy to create high energy ambience with these dynamic modes
- Portable, Lightweight and Durable Design
- Simple Plug and Play for added convenience
- Easy control by means of included sensitivity remote
- Easily Reusable Party Supply that gives high returns on your investment


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