• Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick
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Bluetooth Selfie Stick

  • Supports Any Smartphone
  • Easy to Pair Built-in Bluetooth Shutter
  • Small and Easy to Travel With
  • Elegant and Stylish Design
  • Long Length Allows You To Capture Any Angle
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  • Highlights
  • NEVER MISS A MOMENT AGAIN – Never miss an important moment again – be it an event, special occasion, your outdoor adventure, solo or couple travel or a group photo with friends. With this incredible selfie stick, you will never have to ask people to click for you, nor will you ever have to compromise and stay out of picture just to click one.
  • EASY TO USE – The Selfie stick has an in-built bluetooth shutter to let you pair it easily with your mobile and click as many selfies as you like. It comes with a mobile holder that can be conveniently rotated with the help of Unique ball-head and locked to any angle up to 270 degrees and can hold phones with width ranging from 5.5-8.5cm. The selfie stick is compatible with both android and iOs phones.
  • BE A SELFIE PRO – The selfie stick can be extended from 16 cm (collapsed) to 63 cm (Extended) thus allowing you to extend your camera longer and capturing not just a boring face but an interesting Selfie that captures the interesting background or action as well. The long length allows you to capture selfies from unique angles which were not possible otherwise. The small size when it is collapsed makes it easy to carry as it can even fit into your pocket.
  • ELEGANT AND STYLISH DESIGN – The selfie stick is designed to look elegant with its superior metallic finish and stylish soft foam handle which also provides a firm grip. The trendy design is embellished by the number of color options to let you choose the one that best suits your personality: it comes in black, pink, green, grey and blue colors.
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We offer a 100% Risk-Free Lifetime Guarantee to let you buy with confidence and just to let you know that we are always standing behind our products. So, order now and get this incredible Selfie Stick to capture every precious moment of your life – many moments are just once in a lifetime – so, why miss any?

Do you always miss capturing many special moments just because you hesitate asking the strangers to click pictures for you?

Do you often travel alone and get in a situation where no one else is around to click a picture for you?

With Abcotech's evolved Selfie Stick design, you will never have to miss any special moment again. Some of the incredible features of the Selfie stick are:

  • Sturdy Design - supports any smartphone with up to 500 g weight conveniently
  • Easy to pair built-in Bluetooth shutter - click as many selfies as you like, with ease and comfort
  • Small enough to slip easily into pocket or your backpack
  • Universal mobile holder that supports almost all mobiles and can be rotated from 0 to 270 deg
  • Works well with all android and iOS devices
  • Long length allows you to capture Selfies from Unique angles
  • Capture not only your face but even the background
  • Extend it above the crowd to capture something that's unreachable

Technical Specifications

  • Connection: Bluetooth 3-0
  • Battery Capacity: 50mAh
  • Main Material: steel
  • Flex section: 7
  • Collapsible and Extendable Length: 16-63cm
  • Holder size: 5.5-8.5cm
  • Maximum loading weight: 500g
  • Selfie Stick Weight:83g
  • Color: black, pink, green, grey, blue

A Brand You Can Trust
Abcotech is a brand that is known for its superior quality products and its humble customer care to always keep you comfortable and to let you buy with confidence.

Not only these, we also offer you 100% lifetime warranty. So, why think twice?