• Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
  • Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
  • Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
  • Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
  • Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
  • Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
  • Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
  • Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
  • Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)
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Premium Fidget Spinners (2-Pack)

  • Smooth and Silent Spins
  • Fast Rotation
  • Compact
  • R188 Bearing
  • 2-Pack for Sharing
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  • Highlights

RELAX & REFOCUS – Spin our fidget toys to shake off stress, anxiety, nervousness, depression and the boredom, bring peace to your mind and refocus on the task at hand with improved efficiency.

SET OF 2 – With 2 fidget spinners (Red & Black) included in the set, you can keep one at the office desk & another in the car – flick one when work becomes strenuous or you need to ponder over grave matters, and another to keep yourself little patient while you are stuck in traffic.

LONG & STABLE SPIN – Boasts R-188 bearing that offers a stable spin and an impressive spin time of 3-5 minutes, which of course depends on your spinning skills & technique used. A distraction for a better cause – to help you refocus.

EXCELLENT QUALITY & VERSATILITY – Made from top-notch ABS, our fiddle toys are durable continue to give new like spin in the long run, and are considered ideal as fidget toys for anxiety, ADHD, ADD, autism, etc.


Beat the stress, anxiety, nervousness, boredom with just a flick – our fidget spinners help your mind relax, regain your attention, and uplift your confidence.


Doesn't make noise and thus helps you actually calm yourself down to a more composed state 

People concede that the spinner helps them focus better, think better, and smartly solve complex problems/challenges

- No more trembling of legs when you feel nervous, nor going out for a smoke every now and then – this superior alternative would help you get rid of bad habits 

- Smooth & stable spin is essential for a frustration-free experience – and so have we ensured by choosing the best in class R188 bearing

- Ideal as a fiddling toy for both adults and kids alike – keep away children below the age of 3 as it might pose a choking hazard

- An excellent toy for ADD, ADHD, Autism and similar other issues

- Carry it to your school, during commute, on a hike or kill time at the home<br> - ABS body offers strong and durable build 

- Easily offers a spin time of 3+ minutes



We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.