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Projector Lights

12 Color Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player

OCEAN WAVE NIGHT LIGHT – This ocean wave night light projector with built-in mini speaker helps appease your senses, relaxes...

Ocean Waves Night Light Projector with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

This night light projector and built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you create a perfect beach like ambience at home by projecting...

LED Night Light Cosmos Projector Lamp

Our night light LED lamp projects cosmos (moon and stars) on your roof ceiling and gives you a feeling of...

Multicolor Night Light LED Lamp with Speaker

Our night light LED lamp speaker allows you to project a wide variety of light patterns on the ceiling or...

Party Projector Stage Light – 7 Color Disco Lights

DYNAMIC & VIBRANT PARTIES – Spice up your parties by making them more colourful and vibrant with the help of...

Disco LED Rotating Crystal Ball

Are you a disc fan and love to dance all night but at a place of your own choice and...