• LCD Writing Tablet
  • LCD Writing Tablet
  • LCD Writing Tablet
  • LCD Writing Tablet
  • LCD Writing Tablet
  • LCD Writing Tablet
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LCD Writing Tablet

  • LCD Writing Surface
  • Pressure Sensitive Screen
  • Great for Taking Notes
  • Kids Can Draw or Write
  • Perfect Gift for Anyone
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Remember those reusable writing slates you had as a kid? You'd scribble with a plastic stylus or even your fingernail, then lift the plastic sheet up to erase the whole thing and start fresh with a blank page.

Say hello to the modern, high-tech equivalent, The LCD Writing Tablet. If you've never used one of these before, they're kind of amazing. It's a super-thin, super-light tablet that leaves a trail of e-ink as you draw on it. There's no lag at all, and you can use either the included plastic stylus or, yep, your fingernail. The "screen" is pressure-sensitive. Press a button up top and the slate is wiped completely clean, ready for your next notes, drawings and so forth. What's even more amazing is that the thing runs on a coin-cell battery that can literally last years.


  • Suitable for designers, businessman, teachers, students and more. 
  • A good helper for students to take notes, draft, and solve math problems. 
  • A warm reminder for leaving messages for your families and loved ones
  • You can put it on the desk or hang it on the wall. 
  • A meaningful learning toy for your kids or toddlers to develop a good habit of drawing and writing.


Environmentally and Eye-Friendly

An alternative to traditional paper. Environmental paperless notepad, writing over 100,000 times. No more worrying about wasting paper and killing trees. The tablet features an LCD screen that gives no radiation and no glare, which protects your eyes and is safe for school, home or office.


Easy to Use

The LCD Board tablet's pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push, just like paper and pen. You can draw or erase your image with the touch of a button. 


Multipurpose and Fun

The electronic writing tablet is engineered to feel like writing with pen on paper. It's suit for writing, drawing, doodling, reminding, draft, office memo board and as a communication tool. Ideal tool for kids, students, business men, designers and so on.