• The High Resolution Film Scanner
  • The High Resolution Film Scanner
  • The High Resolution Film Scanner
  • The High Resolution Film Scanner
  • The High Resolution Film Scanner
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The High Resolution Film Scanner

  • USB Film Scanner
  • Image Resolution 17.9 Mega Pixels
  • 35/mm/135 Slides
  • High Quality
  • Quickly Scan Films
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These days we all want to share our photos online but if your pictures aren’t digital you may think sharing isn’t possible. Scanning and converting services can be very expensive but what if there was a product that allowed you to digitize your film in a simple, easy, quick way?


The High Resolution Film Scanner is going to save you time and money. Better scanning services are more expensive. Your images are loaded into professional-quality film scanners and often an actual human will sit in from of the screen to make sure your photos are captured. You pay a premium for this type of service when in fact there is a way for you to scan your own photos.


  • Scanned Photo resolution: 17.9 Mega Pixels
  • Scan high resolution: 3600 DPI interpolation resolution,Dimensions: 86.5x75x95mm ,Language: English, Simplified Chinese
  • High quality and easy scanning takes just one to two seconds, Package contents: USB cable , CD-ROM , Negative Film Holder, Positive Slide Holder, Instruction, Brush .
  • Easy Operation



Quality, format, resolution, and color are the essential most important factors when printing and developing photos. The design on the scanner allows you to convert film with a USB connection. The scanner captures 17.9 Mega Pixels Image resolution in color or black and white. The slides can be digitized for 35mm/135 negatives. It has high speed scanning and you can choose to save the picture in 1800dpi or 3600dpi resolution!


Easy To Use

The scanner can be very easy to use. All you have to do is turn on the scanner by plugging it into your USB connection. Connect your computer and you must also download the CD software. Setting up the software is simple and you can begin scanning your strips of film in seconds. You slide the film into the slide holder then begin scanning by pressing Scan. It's very quick and a fun way to digitize photos.


Money Saving

The cost of converting your photos into digital can become very expensive. Many photographers charge premium prices to convert to digital media. Now you can save and are able to quickly scan a strip of film in 30 seconds! You can save a lot of money scanning your own film and converting them into digital photos online. You can edit your own photos and share them with your friends and family for a fraction of the price!