• The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer
  • The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer
  • The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer
  • The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer
  • The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer
  • The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer
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The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer

  • Warm All Types of Waxes
  • Includes Extra Aluminum Container
  • Durable Transparent Cover
  • Heats up to 240 Degrees
  • Easy to Use and Travel With
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Are you looking for a way to enjoy silky and soft skin without the cost of expensive salons? Waxing has become the most convenient way to remove unwanted hair. It is commonly done in professional salons but if you are trying to save time and money waxing at home is a great option.

Professional salon waxing can really add up. It costs anywhere from $30 per visit for a small area to more than $500 per visit for full body waxes. That can be $6000 or more per year!

Removing unwanted hair can become a hassle. At home waxing kits make it easy to prep and wax with little clean up needed. Now you can save thousands of dollars and get a wax in the comfort of your own home! The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer is a great solution to enjoying professional spa services at the fraction of the cost.


  • PROFESSIONAL & TECHNICIAL- This professional wax warmer uses state-of-the-art engineering to heat wax quickly and evenly, which will only take you 8 to 10 minutes to melt wax. Get peace of mind with high temperature technology that automatically shuts off the wax warmer if the temperature reaches 240 degrees.
  • SAFETY ABS MATERIAL- Upgraded durable ABS heat assistant material, high quality temperature resistant plastic. Supports a wide range of temperatures from 160- 240 degrees. No scalding hazard, saves energy and safe to use.
  • HEATS ALL WAX TYPES- Heats all wax types such as hard wax, soft wax, paraffin wax, cream wax and keeps wax at a constant ready-to-use temperature. Perfect wax warmer for the beauty professional who performs minimal waxing services or have limited counter space. Ideal waxing kit for at home use.
  • GREAT EFFECTIVE- Great for use on short and coarse hair on face or body. Removes 99% of unwanted body hair from your eyebrows, arms, armpits, bikini area and legs, leaving your skin clean and soft from head to toe. Hair grows evenly and much smoother look when you get in the routine of waxing.



Hair Free Skin! Skip the awkward feeling of a complete stranger waxing your body parts. The Mini Pro-Wax 100 Warmer is perfect for home waxing. Heat up your wax beads with this compact wax warmer. It is designed for easy use and clean up and perfect for all types of wax.The heater will warm your wax beans in minutes leaving you with smooth silky wax. The set up is simple and you can travel with it anywhere. 


High Quality

It’s perfect for keeping your wax at a consistent ready to use temperature without risking burns or scalding. It works great in heating up all formulas and you have the convenience of performing your own wax at home. The compact heater allows you to take full control of your waxing routine. It features temperature control, indicator lights and a transparent lid. Simple, professional quality waxing done at home!


Easy to Use 


  1. Place your heater on a flat, heat-resistant surface.
  2. Pour desired amount of wax beans into heater and plug in for warm-up.
  3. Press the power switch on and wait for red indicator light to show device is working correctly.
  4. Twist the temperature control knob to "High" until the wax beans melt down to a liquid consistency.