• Basily Water Filter Replacement Filters, 3 Count
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Basily Water Filter Replacement Filters, 3 Count

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Product Features

Enjoy your infused water to the maximum with our dynamic and easy to use filters, which have a long lasting functionality and high water capacity.

PERFECTLY FITS BASILY WATER BOTTLE FILTER - Our filters provide a smooth design that fits all Basily bottles, so that you have no excuse not to enjoy your healthy Tap Water - infused water. For longer usage, we recommend the three replacement filters pack.
1 WATER FILTER LASTS 2 MONTHS - Our filters provide a long lasting effectiveness, as they have to be changed every 40 gallons of water or every 2 months, which is more than enough to enjoy a great amount of delicious infused water.
REDUCES UNDESIRED TASTES - Our filters have the remarkable ability to reduce the taste and smell of zinc, copper, mercury, and cadmium, which are all elements often found in tap water. The only taste in your mouth will be your infused water
EASY TO CHANGE AND EASY TO USE- Replacement filters are incredibly easy to change, so that you can adjust them on the go without wasting any time. Moreover, they require no pre-soaking, which makes the adjusting process even faster and easier
1 WATER FILTER EQUALS MANY BOTTLES - Our replacement filters can replace 300 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles, giving you a great capacity for your infused water