• Events and Party String Roses with LED Lighting
  • Events and Party String Roses with LED Lighting
  • Events and Party String Roses with LED Lighting
  • Events and Party String Roses with LED Lighting
  • Events and Party String Roses with LED Lighting
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Events and Party String Roses with LED Lighting

  • Build the festival or party feel you desire
  • Perfect to decorate your house, room, garden, tree, etc.
  • Ideal for Christmas, weddings and events
  • Different sets can be connected together
  • Saves power and money on electricity
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  • Highlights

Beautiful String Lights that give any room a touch of elegance. The soft light is amazing for low light facials or massages. They are battery operated so that gives you the freedom to place them anywhere in your treatment room or spa. You can drape them across the walls, shelves, or mirrors. Also, you can bunch them together like a bouquet and use it as a centerpiece. The options are truly endless, what will you do with them?

The Rose String Lights are a string of lights with beautiful ornate roses covering each LED, a perfect way to add wedding glamour to any space. They are battery operated, making them easy to transport from room to room; you can place them almost anywhere! With their bright LEDs, these small roses will give your house a warm glow on any night.


  • It can be easily put or hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, trees, etc. making it the perfect decoration for Valentine's Day, Weddings, holidays, a girl's bedroom, or other celebratory occasions,
  • Fairy string lights with 7.5 feet length of 20 LED pure white rose flowers; various colors for a romantic atmosphere. It made of flexible material, keep it portable and easy to store. You can make it to any shape you want according to the decorating area.
  • Battery operated enabling the lights to be used at any time or place. Only requires a set of 3 AA batteries (not included) making it great for energy conservation and environment protection.
  • Simple design with one button on the battery box to turn it on, off, or flash.
  • These decorative string lights have 7 brightness settings available to meet the needs of different occasions.


Durable Elegance

Modeled after beautiful roses and designed with a soft foam material, the rose lights are eye-catching and safe as they do not give off heat and will not burn to the touch.


Portable and Flexible

The rose lights are arranged along several feet of long clear string, which can easily be displayed around any shape and on many surfaces, and only require AA batteries to power.


Year Round Decor

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use year-round in any location to enhance décor such as bar/restaurant, bedroom, backyard, or on a stage.