• Finger Fins- Improve your Swimming
  • Finger Fins- Improve your Swimming
  • Finger Fins- Improve your Swimming
  • Finger Fins- Improve your Swimming
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Finger Fins- Improve your Swimming

  • Improve your overall swimming
  • Hydrodynamic shape and cut
  • Soft silicone material
  • Increases your speed
  • Sticks to wet or slippery surfaces
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Want to dramatically improve your swimming form or overall enjoyment in the water? Then let’s take a lesson from our amphibious friends and try webbed swimming!

The Swimming Finger Fins are modeled after the webbing that frogs and similar animals have that allow more control of speed and direction when in the water. The finger fins also have a grip designed to stick and hold onto wet or slippery surfaces, allowing us to be a bit more like our little green friends. These are great for everybody, from those who swim train to the first time in the pool.


  • Extra elasticity and special cut, hydrodynamic shape, reusable design
  • Good performance soft silicone material
  • Swim and catch a wave faster
  • Meets the need for swimming beginners
  • Creates a water pocket, providing maximum efficiency to the user



The finger fins will help increase resistance and improve your overall swimming technique and performance.


Hydro Technology

Hydro-grip webbed swimming provides full flexibility to your hands, and increases hold on slippery surfaces.


Improve Speed

Swim like a frog! The hydrodynamic design makes it easy to use, and helps increase your speed in the water.