• Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float- Fun For The Entire Family
  • Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float- Fun For The Entire Family
  • Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float- Fun For The Entire Family
  • Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float- Fun For The Entire Family
  • Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float- Fun For The Entire Family
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Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float- Fun For The Entire Family

  • Super sized float design for pool and beach
  • Save time with 10x faster rapid valve inflation
  • Composed of soft durable non-phthalate material
  • Beveled seating ensures a comfortable ride
  • Fits 2 people and the weight capacity is 500lbs
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Giant pool floats are this summer's hottest pool accessory! At nearly 80 inches long, they are the largest floats on the market. They are made from high-quality UV resistant PVC, and its perfect for sun lounging, pool floating and all-around family fun. They’re big enough for two to ride on and it will make swimming in the water that much more fun!


This inflatable float features an adorable unicorn design with a bright rainbow mane. You'll be the envy of all your friends when you post your fun photos on Instagram! Ideal for pool parties or for when you just want to relax. Take your swim experience from exertion to relaxation by fully utilizing your float for comfort. If you’re planning on spending any time by a pool or a beach this summer, then you need to pick up an inflatable pool float immediately!


  • Sturdy built-in handles provide rider support and grip for on and off-boarding
  • Beveled seating area ensures a comfortable and safe ride
  • Composed of soft, and durable premium raft-grade non-phthalates material to elongate lifespan throughout many, many uses
  • The rapid valve allows 10x faster inflation and deflation compared to traditional valves
  • Multiple adult capacities at nearly 500 lbs.


For the Entire Family

Sizing in at a HUGE 80”, your unicorn pool float is custom designed to give you the best floating experience ever. Because these can accommodate adults and kids, you and the family will have all the room you need to stay dry in the sun or play games with friends.


Easy & Quick Inflation

If you’ve ever wasted time and energy trying to blow up large pool floats, then you know how exhausting and frustrating it can be. Well…congratulations, because you’ve found the inflatable float that blows up FAST! This new pool accessory is equipped with extra air valves so you spend less time huffing and puffing, and more time in the sun. The rapid valve allows inflates at nearly 10x faster than standard devices, and allows for inflation with a hairdryer, toy air pump, or compressor


Playful Design & Trusted Durability

Even though a mystical and gentle unicorn, this inflatable float will be more resistant to the occasional tear or leak due to the thick premium vinyl used in the design, which has been certified raft-grade


Stay Cool & Travel Light

Camping by the lake this summer or going to the beach? You’ll need a float that stays cool so you can remain comfortable and enjoy your day. With a premium reflecting design, these unicorn floats are guaranteed to reflect sun’s rays and heat. Your new float also folds up simply into a compact space for easy travel.